Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cancer Update

My doctors took my case before a tumor board to review. I had a CT scan and 8 nodules were found on my lungs. The doctors didn't feel a PET scan would provide any additional information and the additional radiation wasn't worth it. A lot of times Medullary Thyroid Cancer and where it has spread will not show up on a PET scan. The tumor board agreed with my doctors. My doctors had suggested watching the nodules by doing blood work at 2 month and 6 months post surgery. They also wanted to do a CT scan a few months after my first CT scan to see if the nodules were growing. The tumor board felt that was the best way to handle the nodules. The nodules are so tiny it will be almost impossible to do a biopsy. They also don't feel they will get an accurate result even if they tried to do a biopsy. If my tumor levels in my blood work are going up they will need to do additional scans to see where the cancer is growing. If the nodules grow then I will have to go through chemo.

My doctor feels they were able to clean my neck very well and got rid of all the cancer. She does not feel I need to do any additional treatments. However she is referring me to get a radiation consultation. She just wants me to hear the pros of getting radiation because she told me the cons of getting radiation. There is a chance my cancer could come back in the lymph nods left in my neck, where my thyroid use to be or in my neck muscle. If I was to get radiation it can cause a lot of scar tissue and could cause a lot of problems if I need additional surgery down the road. I am going to the radiation consultation, but I have no plans to get radiation. A lot of information I have read it can cause more harm than good to prolong my life, since all the cancer is gone. At this point there are no benefits to get radiation. 

I have been going through genetic testing to see if my cancer was genetic. Medullary Thyroid Cancer is a genetic cancer and is usually inherited. My surgeon really felt my cancer was sporadic, but we needed to make 100% sure. I think the genetic testing was the most stressful of everything I have been through in the past few months. The doctors said if it came back genetic my parents and brother would have to go through testing to see if they had the gene. All the first cousins on the side of the family that had the gene would have to be tested. Everyone who came back with the gene would need to have their thyroid remove to avoid cancer. It wouldn't be safe to leave their thyroid in or take the risk of waiting to see if cancer developed. Medullary Thyroid Cancer grows way to fast to take the chance.

I spent so much time praying the cancer was sporadic. My heart felt so heavy and burdened for my family. I didn't want my family to go through all the worry and pain. I also felt that if someone had the gene it would be my responsibility to make sure they went through surgery. My dad was trying to tell me he wouldn't get his taken out. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I then just had to take a deep breath and wait for the answers. 

The genetic counselor thought she would have the information by Friday. Friday was the LONGEST day. I sat around waiting all day for her to call me. At 4:40pm my phone rang and she had the results. The first thing she said was I have some good news. I took a deep breath and felt such relief. My cancer was NOT genetic. 

I hung up the phone, sat on the bed and just bawled. My family was safe! Also any future little Post's were also safe! The genetic counselor was able to confirm all my genes were normal and the miscarriages weren't from anything being abnormal.  RELIEF!!!! 

Now normal life resumes and plannings starts back up. Everything felt it was on hold until we had answers.  I also was SUPER happy because I don't have to go through chemo. I will have hair for Lacey's wedding. I can face anything now that I know my family is safe. Now I am praying for a miracle with my lungs. My prayer is that the next CT scan shows no sign of nodules on my lungs. God can wipe out those nodules. 


Sassy In Sequins said...

Awesome update Becky! Continued thoughts and prayers for you!

Maria said...

Www Becky so glad, when you said genetics I was thinking YOUR kids , not your family ! Wow ! :-) so glad ! Answered prayer ! Love you !

Maria said...

Www Becky so glad, when you said genetics I was thinking YOUR kids , not your family ! Wow ! :-) so glad ! Answered prayer ! Love you !