Tuesday, February 5, 2013


My neck has been healing very nicely. All the scabs have fallen off and I can now start putting vitamin E on it daily. The doctor told me to put vitamin E on it and massage the incision. I am putting vitamin E on it in the mornings and coconut oil in the evening. 

Below are picture I took over 2 weeks. The first picture was right after I came home from the hospital. I still had my stitches at that point. The 2 little dots are from the drainage tubes. 
The top right hand picture is a week after surgery the day I had my stitches taken out. 
The bottom right hand picture is 2 weeks after surgery. The dots where the drainage tubes had been are almost completely gone. They healed up really quickly. 

The majority of the swelling is gone too. I have a little swelling right under my neck. My jaw, neck and chest are still numb. I am starting to get the feeling back. The nerves are coming back in rare form. I will be sitting on the couch and then I will yell OUCH. As soon as the sharp pain comes it leaves. My chest also burns a lot at night. It is a weird feeling. It's between a burn, tingling, almost like needles poking me. Nothing seems to ease the burning feeling at night. I have tried pain pills, heat, cold, but nothing seems to make the burning feeling stop. 

My mobility in my neck is not back to normal yet. I can turn my neck from side to side. I can't turn it quickly or all the way yet. It can be a little challenging when I am backing out of a parking spot. I try to stretch my neck out each night. I have been able to sleep on my side and on my stomach for short periods of time. 


Sassy In Sequins said...

It's looking great! Continued healing vibes!