Monday, February 11, 2013


This week I am going to start juicing. My goal is to juice each morning for breakfast. I am trying to get back into my healthy eating this week. The past few weeks my eating hasn't been the best. My breakfasts have been a little crazy. Cheese & crackers, left over burritos, chicken noodle soup, oatmeal & blueberries or anything else I can find in the fridge. 

I feel I need to get back to no processed food, very limited eating out, organic veggies, healthy, healthy, healthy. I am even more determined to be healthy, since being diagnosed with cancer. This is a goal for me and for Art. I have felt in the past year sugar is the devil and the more research I do the more I believe it is the devil. Also dairy is not necessary for adults. The problem with no dairy is CHEESE. How in the world could I ever give up cheese full time?  Another thing to work on.....I would much rather limit the items with sugar than cheese right now. lol

Here is the "green juice" I plan to try this week:

1 bunch kale
1 bunch spinach
1 large cucumber
2 large carrots
2 apples
2 tomatoes
4 celery stalks
1 large jalapeno

I have also been pinning juices like crazy on Pinterest. You can find my juicing pins HERE. You will see mostly all the recipes are GREEN juices.  I will keep everyone updated on my juicing adventures.