Monday, February 18, 2013

One Month since Surgery

Well today is officially one month since I had surgery. It is just crazy to me that it has only been a month, but then again it feels more like 6 months. So much has happened in just 4 weeks.

Morning after surgery

Day 2

Day 4

Before and after surgery - geez louiz!

Before surgery and day 4

Day 4 on the left, one week on the top, 2 weeks on the bottom

One month after surgery

One month with Bee Magic on my scar

Here are some facts about the past month:
  • 8 visitors in the hospital
  • 12 meals delivered to my home
  • I didn't drive, clean or cook for a full 2 weeks
  • 10 doctor appointments
  • 5 ultrasounds
  • 1 CT scan
  • a minimum of 10 phone calls with doctors
  • a zillion emails back and forth with numerous doctors
  • hundreds of hours on the couch
  • lots of puppy cuddles
  • Two trips to the airport to pick up & drop off mom
  • a few pills short of becoming a pain drug addict. lol
  • one episode of Honey Boo Boo - I am not sure my life will ever be the same. I am traumatized! 
  • Started juicing
  • reading lots on nutrition
  • I have never heard so many tell me they are praying for me in all my life. It has truly been amazing
I am praying/hoping month #2 brings us fabulous news there is no cancer in my lungs and all my levels regulate. Nothing big just 2 simple things.