Friday, April 4, 2014


It is getting harder & harder to take pictures of Kaleb. He is on the move! He is soooo much fun. I really like this age. On Saturday he was playing peekaboo, bubbles, digging in dirt, running around, jumping on the couch, dancing to music. Kaleb is talking more. One of his favorite words is ca ca. lol When he was playing in the dirt he kept yelling ca ca. I just cracked up laughing. He refuses to say Mimi, but says Andpa. 

Right after this picture the toy was put away when he tried to hit Sammy. He thinks it is funny to kick Sammy too. Sammy doesn't find this entertaining. 

Kaleb kept flinging his arms around, falling on the floor and jumping around. Art was saying hallelujah, praise Jesus and Kaleb was cracking up laughing. He kept going thinking it was funny. 

Kaleb loves to watch Thomas the Train. He asks to watch woo woo. When the train blows the whistle he says woo woo. So cute! This is probably the only time he will sit down for more than 2 seconds. He will sit down for the show until the end of the show music comes on then it is dance time!