Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 11 - Organize your FREEZER!!!!

Boy was this a chilling job!  lol   I had a MESS in my freezer.  My mom had cooked up a freezer full of food for us before she left.  She stacked everything very nicely in the freezer, but then other food was crammed into the freezer.

I had popsicle in the freezer since last year.  Threw them away along with the empty carton of ice cream.  I even had paint brushes in the freezer from when my sister & I made her "love" subway art.  The black bag in the freezer is my flour.  I keep my flour in the freezer to try to keep it fresh.  I use 5 pounds of flour maybe every 6 months if I am lucky.

I think my fingers got frost bitten while pulling everything out and putting it all back in.  I should have used my gloves. lol




Top shelf has tortilla's, frozen refried beans, and turkey sausage. Second shelf has all the premade food mom made for us. Third shelf veggies and the bottom drawer is full of meat.  Chicken, fish, shrimp, pork and beef...I think we have enough meat for awhile!