Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ikea Bargains!

I went to IKEA the other day to find some containers to help organize my house over the next 3 weeks.  I think I was too overwhelmed with all the stuff to focus on finding stuff for future organizing days. 

I did find some great stuff in the As Is section!!!!
Gray box - $1.00
Cupcake Towel - $1.00
White Magazine holders - $1.00
Shower Hooks - $1.00

 The blue magazine holders were on sale 4 for $2.99.  I am planning to use these in my office at work.

 All 12 shower hooks were in the package for $1.00.  SCORE!!!! 

I have been searching for a plain rug to paint a "P" on.  I have seen them at Osh, Lowe's and other stores, but they always want $15-20 bucks each.  I didn't want to spend more than $10 on a rug I was planning to paint.  There is the cheapo in me!  I found the rug for $8.99 on my trip to IKEA.  I was sooo excited when I saw it in the store I wanted to start jumping up and down. I just need to print it out now and paint!