Friday, January 21, 2011

Sassify your Kitchen Aid!

Remember my post on Sassy Kitchen Aid Mixers found HERE?  I have wanted the subway art sassy mixer vinyl to put on my Kitchen Aid.  I decided after the first of the year I would buy one, since I forgot to put it on my Christmas list. 

My friend Krystal had mentioned how much she liked the Curley Sue vinyls. I wanted to send her something for Christmas and remembered she had mentioned she liked the KA vinyls.  She was very surprised when she received her vinyl in the mail.  Check out her KA with the Curley Sue vinyls HERE.

I am part of this wonderful group of women who all got married in April 2008.  Over the past 2.5 years a large group of us have all stayed in contact and chat daily.  These wonderful women live all over the United States.  Some I have met and others I hope to meet in person one day.  Each year at Christmas we participate in elfster.  Each person gets a secret elf they send a gift too. 

I came home one day and had a package on my door step.  I was so excited to see what my elf had bought me for Christmas.  I was COMPLETELY shocked to find the subway vinyl for my KA.  My wonderful elfster Elisa had stalked my blog to get an idea for Christmas.  I was so excited that I almost started crying that I had received a gift I wanted so much. 

This past weekend I finally cleaned my KA and added my vinyl.  I <3 it!!! I think it turned out adorable!!!! Isn't it adorable????

If you want to get your own vinyl to sassify your KA check out Wonderful Wordy HERE!  Shelley from Wonderful Wordy is one of the sweetest business women!


Krystal said...

OMG...I love it. It looks awesome!!! Now bake some cookies or those low-carb brownies up! ;-)

Elisa B said...

Woo Hoo! It makes me so happy that you LOVE it!

And it looks fantastic!

Like Krystal said, go mix up some yumminess!!! ;)