Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guest Room Color Inspiration

Bedroom #3 aka as the Craft Room needs a MAJOR makeover!!!!  The room still has the ugly orangy color from when we first moved in.  I didn't do anything when we first moved in because I wasn't sure which color I wanted for the room.  I also had hoped to change it into a nursery.  2011 is not about stressing over a baby.  If it happens great if not then God evidently has other plans for us.

So back to the room in desperate need of a face lift. If you want a reminder of what the color looks like go HERE. Look at the color in the guest bedroom not the craft room.  The picture of the craft room makes the paint color look nice....BELIEVE me it's NOT nice. Must have been the lighting that day.

I think I have decided to paint the room GREEN.  Here are some inspirational pictures below.  I have a a lot of stuff to move out before I can get started on the painting.  Once it's painted then I need to organize all my craft stuff.  Right now it's all piled in the room & closet. The clutter is the beginning stages of hoarders and an intervention might be in order!