Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Organization Day 3

Day #3 Organizing those Messy Tupperware Cabinets!

I will take that challenge!!!! Mine has needed a lot of help.  My drawer below looks almost empty due to the fact my wonderful mother has been cooking food and freezing it for future meals. I might not have to cook for a full 2 weeks.  I opened the freezer this evening and could barely fit 2 bags of chicken breasts. :)

Back to the challenge.  I emptied out the drawer, wiped it all down, took out the drawer liner & washed it and then started the organizing.  I threw out some old containers & mismatched lids.  I bought the lime green organizing container at Target for $1!!!!

It feels soooo good to come home each evening to organize one item of the house.  The next day while I am at work I know there are items that are organized at home and I am working toward organizing more items!! 




Carrie Ann said...

I love Target and their good deals! Way to go with the cabinet too! Mine's only organized cause it's so small everything always falls out no matter what I do so I figure if I'm putting it back I might as well do it right ;)