Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 7 - PANTRY!

Pantry - this is one item that I want sooooo badly......It was on my list of things I wanted in a house.  A pantry to keep all the food, baking supplies, Kitchen Aid etc.  Unfortantely this is one item that was a want and not a need with a house.  We do have a section in our kitchen that we could add one and I am hoping one day we will be able too.  For now my patry is a cupboard.

When we moved in May I guess I was just in such a hurry to finish packing that I didn't realize the out dated food I was packing.  I had cake mixes, pudding, cereal with an expiration date of 2008 & 2009.  HELLOOOOOO why did that stuff need to be packed and moved?  Well tonight I CLEANED it all out!


 The top shelf of the above picture half of the boxes were all thrown away.  Most of the boxed items were expired by 2-4 years. How wasteful and gross!
My mom was the sprinkle nazi when it came time to putting sprinkles on the holiday treats.  I kept telling her I have more sprinkles we can put LOTS on them.  Nope she insisted on JUST a few!  Well I have 6 containers of sprinkles!  I think we have enough for every holiday this year. :)


 See the above picture?  My husband purchases these little cans of "meats" every time we go to the store.  I try to put them back he realizes it and puts them back in the cart.  I put meat in quotations because I don't think this is even real meat!  Art also says well if we have an earthquake we will have food to eat.  I am hoping by the time it comes to eating canned "meat" the rescue team has arrived to turn on the electricity or pulled us to safety.

 Notice the EXTRA large can of "meat" in the middle of the shelf? UGH!!!!