Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get off the couch!


I decided to sign up for some personal trainer sessions at my gym. I really want to work on getting everything toned up. I have had 2 sessions and BOY am I feeling the pain.

Here is an outline of the past 2 sessions:

Session 1 - We met for 30 minutes to go over what I have been doing to lose weight. My daily calorie intake and a typical day of what I eat. Then we worked out for 30 minutes.
25 reps of picking up a heavy ball and dropping it over my head - I am sure this has an official name
25 reps of squats with a kettle ball - KILLERS
20 minutes of kickboxing - my FAVORITE!!! I love kickboxing

Session 2 - asked how my week had been and got right into business
Warm up for 5 minutes on elliptical
We did 3 sets of the following:
25 reps of wall squats - I liked these much better than your normal squat. I had a big ball behind my lower back and held a 6 pound medicine ball out in front of me. This doesn't sound too hard except my upper body is soooo weak it KILLED to hold that medicine ball.
20 mountain climbers
20 modified push ups
20 stomach crunches - laid on the ball while holding the medicine ball over my head and raised my upper body toward the ceiling. UGH!
20 hip raises

I had sweat running down my face when we finished. The rest of the day I couldn't move my arms above my head. The next day I couldn't pull my shirt over my head. I was in tears! The good news IT'S WORKING!

I thinking about taking a Bikram Yoga class.  I have heard some great things about it. The yoga class is a heated room. They encourage you to drink a lot of water prior to the class. There is a place near my house and I would like to give it a try possibly on Sunday.


Crazy Town ND said...

you inspire me and amaze me...I never thought you would be so health conscious and look so fabulous!! I need to get with it!! Keep going!! Mom