Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week of Iphone Photos

Photo 1 - Gap had mustache boxers!!!!!!!
I bought 2 pairs. I want one pair for myself. lol they will be great to wear in the summer time.

Photo 2 - working out at the gym

Photo 3 - Art tore a pallet apart. We sent this picture to my dad to tell him we were sending him a new gate for the farm. I was pretending I was all tough holding up the gate. ha!

Photo 4 - Art & Amber playing a video game at Dave & Busters

Photo 5 - The Melt Aaaaamazing!!!!! The BEST grilled cheese EVER!

Photo 6 - my new shoes! Super cute, but not yet comfy. I need to break them in =)


LWLH said... the pictures.