Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Pinterest

In honor of celebrating our Anniversary this week I thought I would go with a wedding theme for today!  I think I might be feeling sickly because I wish I could replan our wedding. I want a wedding redo. lol I loved our wedding, but I have so many more ideas. Planning our wedding was almost as stressful as buying our house. I think the house won in the end.

Back to being in love and thinking of weddings.....

I love this picture and her dress! So beautiful!

I love the idea of people just sitting where they want. We didn't have people sit on a certain side at our wedding other than our parents.

Isn't her hair so pretty, but simple

Cute idea for a fan & program


LWLH said...

Love the chalkboard one : )

Crazy Town ND said...

You had an amazing wedding!! It was a fun day!! WE gained such a great son in law!! Mom