Friday, March 8, 2013

15 Minutes of Fame

Doesn't everyone get their 15 minutes of fame sometime in their lifetime? Well mine is coming all in 2013. First my friend T.J. mentioned me in his national blog got Patient #1. I felt so honored when he asked if he could mention me.

Last year I had lunch with a coworker. I told her a crazy story about my sister Lacey dying Art beard. She found the story so funny & asked if she could use it in her book. Of course I said yes. Well guess what that book has been published. I just got my grubby hands on my very own copy!!!! Sue was kind enough to give me a copy of the book as a thank you.

I'm so proud of Sue. She put all her spare time into her book. Not only do I work with an author but she mentioned me in the book. How exciting is that? You can order your very own copy of the book here

Sue and me

Here is me holding my book! 


lacey said...

hey that means im in it too!!!!!