Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The prankster is BACK!

On Saturday evening I came running in the door & ran to the bathroom. I sat on the seat & I hear a BAM. I thought oh crap I broke the seat. I'm hovering over the seat because I don't want my butt pinched. I get up look - nothing. Seat is perfectly fine. I thought one of our sky light poles must have fell - nope. Hmmm I no idea what the noise was, so I forgot about it.

We come home later that night from running errands. Art runs to the front bathroom. He never uses that one. I was super cranky & yell why would you run in there when I said I have to pee super bad.

I went to the back bathroom & very quickly he is standing in the bathroom door laughing. I asked what is so funny. He asked if I heard a big pop. Nope. Then I remembered early.  Evidently he put one of those poppers you throw on the ground under the toilet seat. When I sat down that was the BAM.

We both cracked up when I told him about the earlier incident. I need to keep a list of these to pull on my parents when we visit.