Thursday, March 7, 2013


Last week Thursday I finally took a walk to Gap. Gap is my go to shop almost every 2-3 days when I am at work. It is about a 10 minute walk from work. I love going to check out the newest styles and SALES! I love me some bargains! Siri doesn't call me Queen of Bargains for nothing. lol

I picked up this blue & white striped shirt with a hot pink trim around the color. It was on sale for $14.99. I put it back and left the store. I got about a block away and thought hey that shirt would look super cute with my green capris. I went to Anne Taylor Loft, looked around and headed back to Gap. 

top: Gap (similar)
skirt: Jcpennys
shoes: Sears

top: Gap
capris: Old Navy
flip flops: gift from my mother in law

I scored the green capris on clearance for $3 last year at Old Navy.  I try to avoid buying the same color pants or skirts if I have something in the same color. How could you pass up $3 capris though?