Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bart Happenings

Please take a look at the lady on the left. She had 2 flowers in her hair and it made it look like horns coming out of her head. 

This guy was not on Bart, but I did a double take of his outfit. It would be SUPER cute on a girl, but it just looked funny to me on a guy. I could never imagine my dad or husband wearing something like this. He looked like he was going to Easter dinner. 

The chick above had a HUGE suitcase. You can't even see how huge the suitcase is from this picture. She kept moving it to the wrong side of the train and had to keep moving. I was sure the stroller was going to bust in half. Then she started SCREAMING on her phone - she did NOT have enough money to be eating at Golden Corral every night. She wanted to go to her friends house to eat and save her cash. Why EVERYONE on the train needed to hear this I have NO idea!