Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY Headboard Idea

I have been wanting a headboard for our bed, since we bought it in November 2011. Art and I do not agree on what to get. I like the upholstered headboards and Art hates them. I don't want to pay a lot of money and think we should be able to make one. Well I found the perfect one for Art to make!!!! Like how I said for ART to make. lol Vintage Revivals redid a mantel headboard and IT IS IT!!! I want it! I think we can actually make it without buying an actual mantel. 

How adorable is that headboard?  So now I need to get started on making it! It is going to have to be massive to fit our California king bed. lol I don't want the arrows and I would rather have the background the same color as the sides. I am thinking of doing the whole thing in gray. We will need to buy it all and paint it a light gray. 2013 is the year of finishing, so I think we need to finish decorating our bedroom. 


Kendra said...

I love this idea! You can totally make it! Maybe you can put fabric in the middle instead of painting it... You can change the fabric out to match or contrast to your room decor or with the season.