Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nerve Damage

Prior to surgery my surgeon told me I could have problems with my lower lip, tongue, and shoulders because of nerve damage. There were a lot of other risks from nerve damage but the ones listed are what come to mind. I wasn't too concerned with nerve damage. I really thought those would be a rare case. Well turns out I have nerve damage to my left shoulder. 

Right after surgery I was really sore. I went for a massage and that helped my shoulder a little. My left side was horrible. Two weeks after surgery it was AWFUL. I was in tears it hurt so bad. I tried to stretch and it made things worse. I emailed my surgeon and she sent me for physical therapy. I met with the PT and it turns out I had damage to nerve C3 & C4. When the PT was talking about specific nerves I felt REALLY great full she did well in school memorizing the nerves. lol

I have to do stretches at home for 2 weeks and then back to PT. I might have to do PT for awhile. I learned today nerves heal one milometer a day. The PT told me I need to be patient because it could take awhile to heal. The PT was wondering why it took 2 weeks for me to have pain. I was sitting there thinking hmmmm I wonder why. Then the light bulb went off. I had been taking pain pills for 2 weeks. Both of us cracked up laughing. Of course that is why I didn't feel the pain. 

Well the 90 year old woman has to start her PT! Toodles


Sassy In Sequins said...

I got to PT 3x a week. It's awesome. Hope you heal quickly!