Monday, March 4, 2013

Raw Diet

I have been doing research on food for about the past 1.5 years. I have done a lot more recently since I have been diagnosed with cancer. I decided to try eating all raw food. Holy cow is that rough! Last week Monday we headed to Costco to stock up! Check out my cart below!

Spinach: 14 pounds
Carrots: 20 pounds
Kale: 7 pounds
2 Pineapples
Case of strawberries, blueberries, oranges, blackberries, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes
1 bag of lettuce

I think that covers our cart! 20 pounds of carrots will last you a lifetime!
 WAY tooooo many carrots!

On the way out of Costco I grabbed a churro! It was going to be my last bit of chocolate for 2 weeks.  I did really well for 4.5 days. I ate all raw food except one night I made some veggie soup. I would drink a juice for breakfast along with a piece of fruit. Lunch I would eat a big salad. Afternoon snack carrot sticks and another juice. Dinner more salad and either veggies or fruit. 

Day 4.5 came around and I was starving. I couldn't get full at all. Art kept talking about Mexican food and I caved! I told him that is it I am NOT eating raw on the weekends. I just can't do it. I did really bad over on Sunday. My stomach was KILLING me last night. I need to find a good balance. This week I am going to try to eat raw food 75% of the time during the week. 

Raw food is really suppose to help fight cancer. I really want my tumor level markings to come way down by the time I have my tests run on the 18th. There is a chance the tumor level markings won't come down until 6 months post surgery. Hopefully all the additional raw food will help fight off any cancer left in my body. For the most part I felt really good eating raw. My stomach felt great! I would just get a little shaky if I didn't eat every 2-3 hours. I did like the fact I could eat as many fruits and veggies as I wanted. I was losing weight even eating a lot of stuff. 

Above are 2 salads I made. I got sick of spinach, so I bought some lettuce later in the week. I can't eat the same thing over and over. I also need some warm food. I made some delicious soup with carrots, potato and broccoli. I boiled the carrots and potato in broth for about 10 minutes and then added in the broccoli for 5 minutes. I blended everything in the food processor. It was a delicious soup and very filling. 

I really enjoy drinking juices for breakfast. It is a great way to start the day with lots of vitamins. I don't think carbs are the way for me to start the day. A lighter healthy breakfast really keeps me going all morning.