Monday, March 11, 2013

Menu Monday

I do not have a menu really put together for this week. I have some ideas and will probably wing it. I am trying to eat all raw food for breakfast & lunch. I plan to have fruit juice for breakfast, a piece of fruit for a snack, big salad for lunch and a green juice for a snack.  I told Art tonight I had no idea what I would be making. As I started to write this post I was grabbing food ideas. lol We shall see what I come up with for dinner. 

Monday - sweet potato & squash soup
I am making the soup from scratch. I baked the squash and sweet potatoes. I just have to cook some carrots in broth & blend it all. Mmmm super creamy and delish! I made something similar the week before last. It was very filling and also good for a quick snack. 

Other ideas for the week:
Breakfast - french toast, turkey bacon and eggs
Beet Risotto
Lasagna soup - I have been really hungry for this. I don't have cheese, so I am not sure. 

What is on your menu?