Wednesday, April 24, 2013


111 days ago was the last time I ran. I marked it in my phone on 1-3-13 I ran 1.5 miles. I was keep track of how many miles I ran because my goal was to get to 100 miles in 2013. Little did I know life was going to change forever the next day. On January 4 - 110 days ago I had my first biopsy, met my surgeon and life was completely changed.

Today is the first time I put on my running shoes and actually ran. I have exercised since surgery. I have walked, elipitcal and even did a cardio class, but I haven't run. I keep saying oh I am going to start running again and then I do something else. Today started off very frustrating and I needed gym time! I headed to the gym on my lunch and went to the treadmill. As the speed increased and I started to run It felt FABULOUS!!!! A part of me felt alive, back to normal for 30 minutes and the thought of cancer never entered into my mind. Thrity glorious minutes and huffing and puffing. lol

Slowly but surely I am finding my new normal!


WARRIOR8708 said...

You go my Indispenisble Companion. love ya