Friday, April 19, 2013

Sammy's Patio Set

A couple months ago my inlaws bought a patio set with a little couch, 2 chairs and table for their back yard. It's really cute. Well Sammy loves to lay on the couch every day at their house.

Today Sammy is the proud owned of his very own patio set for our house. MIL thought Sammy needed one for the back yard on the weekends. Bahahaha she said this is his birthday present this year.

I really like it so I'm not complaining the dog swindled this out if her. Seriously though who buys an entire patio set for a dog? I can't stop laughing about it.


Kendra said...

Hilarious! Sammy is spoiled!

Crazy Town ND said...

So cute!!! Mom