Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I snapped some pictures of my meals 2 weeks ago. It is a little random and all over the place, but I ate some amazing food! 

Sanguchon Food Truck - super yummy pork sandwich wich fries on the top.
Sounds a little random, but it was SUPER yummy! I pass by this truck often, but never have tried it. Lately I noticed the lines are extra long at the truck. I went by one day to find a short line, so I grabbed a quick sandwich. I will be checking the truck out again.

We got a punch of Chinese mushrooms in our veggie box. I wasn't sure what to do with them, so I turned to Pinterest. I found a yummy crockpot barley mushroom soup. I threw some kale in it too to add some greens.

Quick breakfast to go on a Sunday morning. On Sunday mornings I am usually running out the door to get to church. I fried a quick egg threw it on a tortilla with kale and hot sauce. It was delish!

I went on to dinner in North Beach with some coworkers. I had an amazing crab alfredo finished off with cappacino and dessert. It was a beautiful night to sit outside drinking cappacino.

The top 2 pictures are from a Thai place near work. They have this AMAZING pumpkin curry. It is seriously the most amazing curry I have ever ate in my life. It is so good you just want to lick the entire bowl. The top pic is lamb chops. mmmmmm These 2 dishes are my very favorite, so full of flavor.

Homemade pizza! I blogged about this here.