Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cookie is ONE!

Today is Cookie first birthday!!! Last year I kept trying to time my trips to LA, so I could see her. One of the first things I bought her was a big fluffy tutu and a leopard rain coat. lol Two essential things a little girl needs - tutus and leopard print! Now I am trying to plan the next trip to LA to see cupcake!

Last Tuesday I was able to spend some time with Krystal and Cookie. Cookie is getting so big and running all over the place with her cart. She met me at the door in a full run. It was so cute! She also gives kisses, which are super sweet!


I love this picture of Cookie raising her hand! She is wearing these adorable little jeggings. I refer to them as baby pajama jeans. Who is wearing pajama jeans? ME says Cookie. lol


Krystal Regueiro said...

Yeah for Elena turning 1!!! You have been a big part of her life, too! XXOO