Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coconut Oil

I LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut oil! I use it for so many things cooking, hair, and skin. It is my go to stuff!

A couple weeks ago I did a coconut oil mask on my hair. I watched a youtube video on it and decided to try it now months later. I heated up some coconut oil in a microwave safe container. I then took a pastry brush and started brushing it on my hair. I brushed it on the ends of my hair first and then brushed it all over my roots once I was completely finished with the ends. My roots get greasy fast, so I thought my ends could use a good soak in oil. I left it in my hair for about 30-45 minutes. I then washed it out with shampoo and then conditioned it like normal. My hair has been very dry lately possibly due to all my thyroid issues. My hair has been super soft since I did the hair mask. I will probably do it once a month. 

I use coconut oil each morning on my hair. I melt a pea size piece of coconut oil in between my fingers each morning and then run it through the ends of my hair. This really helps with keeping all the frizz gone. If I use coconut oil before styling I do not have to worry with frizz. 

I use coconut oil after I have washed my hair and before I blow it dry. Same process as before I start styling it. I take a pea size piece of coconut oil, melt it between my fingers, and run it through the ends of my hair. This helps protect my hair from heat damage. I also add additional coconut oil to the ends of my hair after I have blown my hair dry to help reduce any frizziness. 

I also use coconut oil on my skin and as an eye make up remover. I woke up after surgery to find a blister on my arm. I started putting coconut oil on my arm and a couple months alter the scar is almost done. 
I also use coconut oil to remove my eye make sometimes. If you have pesky eye make that will not come off rub a little coconut oil over your eyes and it will come right off. I also will put coconut oil on my face to help avoid wrinkles! I try to really moisturize at night to keep my skin young looking :)
I have put coconut oil on my scar where I had my thyroid removed. I use a lot of different things on my neck, so I am not sure if it is helping heal the scar or if the magic bee stuff I am use is working wonders. 

Coconut oil is my very favorite natural product for anything and everything. I have been threatening Sammy I am going to start putting it on his hair/skin if he doesn't stop itching himself.