Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu Monday

I actually did really well last week with limiting carbs and sugar. Usually I do well during the week and then on the weekends it is a free for all. I did pretty good over the weekend. I tried to eat veggies if I was hungry instead of whatever was convenient. 

I tried gluten free buns on Wednesday night and I couldn't tell the difference. Amber and Marcus stayed with us last week for 4 days, so all our meals had to be gluten free for Marcus. It was a good challenge, since I want to eat less carbs. I was able to make just about everything I wanted, but just had to make some substitution. I used eggs instead of bread crumbs for the turkey burgers and meatballs. We ate potatoes or rice instead of pasta. 

The menu for this week is:

Taco Salad
Salmon burgers & roasted veggies
Breakfast - eggs, sausage and potatoes

Art birthday is this week. I am waiting for his request of what he would like to eat. We are also going to have very hot weather, so I will be trying to make food without the oven. The forecast says it will be 90 on Thursday.