Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Boy Mom!

I love being a boy mom! Growing up I had mostly boy dolls. If I was able to pick which doll I wanted I always picked a boy. Maybe because I was partially a tomboy growing up. I liked boy toys better than girl toys too. I was happy with trucks, guns, legos etc. If I went through a toy catalog I picked probably more boy things than girl things. Back in the day there wasn't girl legos. 

When I got pregnant I tried to time it all, so we would have a boy. I prayed God would give us a boy too. In my gut I knew I was having a boy. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to jinx it. lol When I found out G was a boy I cried. It was one of my favorite moments of being pregnant. Being pregnant wasn't easy for me at all. Hearing it's a boy just brought me to tears! 

Boys are tough! Kids are tough! Each one is tough in their own way. I have a very stubborn boy. What did I expect when his dad and I both are very stubborn. He makes me laugh every day. Lately more than ever. We recently did fire drills with him. We would have the smoke detector go off and talked with him how we have to get out of the house. If he hears it he needs to yell "momma fire" and head to the door. He was yelling for Sammy to come with us. Bubba come on fire outside he would tell Sammy. One time Sammy wouldn't go. I told him if Sammy doesn't go with you then you have to leave him. Well a few days after we did these fire drills he decided to pull a prank. He yelled MOMMA FIRE really loud. We then had to have a talk how we don't pretend there are fires. 

He recently got this tent for Easter from my parents. He loves it! Him & his friends will play in this tent like crazy. He can zip it up himself now. He will get inside and hide. When he plays hide & seek he is not a good hider because he ends up laughing, talking or giggling. I love this stage! So innocent. Like when he closes his eyes he doesn't think you can see him. I play along with him. I will say oh man I left G at the store. I better go back to get him. He will yell aaaarrrrggggg I got you. 

G doesn't really care what clothing he wears for the most part. Once in awhile he will protest. I usually just give in because for the most part he could careless. One day he told me his camo shorts didn't fit. He wanted to wear shorts like da da. Ok that is fine because he wanted to wear khaki shorts. Shoes are the one thing that have always mattered to him. He has picked out shoes since he was about a year old. Lately he wants to wear his rain boots with shorts. Yikes! Blue camo shorts with green camo rain boots. As long as we aren't going to the store I just let him go. 

I love being a mom and I love having a boy!!!