Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday Thrive!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday weekend. 

1) I wrote a blog post that will come out on Friday about potty training G. I had 2 things on my new years resolution list that I wanted to complete for G. Potty training him and taking away his bottles. I was happy to put check marks by them now that they are completed. I expected it to be a horrible week once we took the bottles away, but honestly it was only 1 horrible bedtime. The rest of the time if he got upset I was able to distract him. I also thought maybe he would drink less milk without a bottle. Turns out we have been going through more milk. One of the reasons I waited so long to take away his bottle was because I felt he needed the extra calories from milk. 

2) Summer vacations are already starting! Have you bought sunscreen for this summer? Even if you are staying home this summer you will still need sunscreen. BeautyCounter's sunscreen does not have any harmful chemicals and it is safe for the entire family! I keep the stick in my purse, so I have sunscreen with us at all times. Protect your skin! 

3) What did we do before there was Google or Youtube? I use Google a bazillion times a day.  I recently bought a stroller second hand. I needed to know how to fold it, move the seats, and even how to open it once it was folded. I was able to Youtube all the instructions. 

I have used a Bob Revolution Stroller since G was born. Well let me say I have had like 5 strollers. Over time I have gotten rid of some. The first one I bought was a Bugaboo. It was my dream stroller. Once I had it for a year I got rid of it. I liked it, but I liked my Bob and Maclaren a lot better. 

I have been babysitting for a little baby for a couple weeks. I like to go on walks. I needed a double stroller, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one. I had thought about buying a double Bob. I ended up finding a Phil & Ted double jogger stroller for a steal on a mommy board. Well this stroller is a game changer. I am going to sell my Bob. If you end up needing a double stroller the Phil & Ted is worth very penny. I suggest looking for a used one if you can find it. They run over $500 plus extra for accessories. 

One thing I love about the Phil & Ted is the fact I can use it as a single stroller or double stroller. If I have an extra child with me I can add on the seat, but if it is just G & me it can be a single stroller. I would happily have a garage full of strollers. My husband on the other hand is not happy with me and all my strollers. I do keep it down to 2 strollers now. At one time we did have 4 strollers in our garage. 

I won't be getting rid of my Maclaren! I will keep that one until G no longer needs a stroller. A friend graciously gave me that one and it's one of my favorites. It is a fabulous stroller once your child can sit up on their own. I love that it is compact, doesn't take up much trunk room, but is very sturdy. I hate cheap flimsy umbrella strollers. 

4) I have been on the hunt for some "mom" shorts! I don't want some frumpy shorts that make me look 60, but I need them longer. I am not comfortable with super short shorts. I wanted distressed denim shorts. I tried some on at Target that looked awful! It was nice to be in regular sizes, but just because something fits doesn't mean you buy them. They just weren't flattering at all. The price was nice, but the rest of them looked awful. 

I love how American Eagle jeans fit me. I ended up finding a pair online that I ordered. They are skinny bermuda distressed denim shorts. I ended up going to the store recently. I like a lot of their clothes, but I felt like a granny in there. All these young kids who were like 12-18 years old were crammed inside the store. I think that is a store I need to visit on a Monday evening when the mall is empty, so I don't feel so darn old. lol  Check out their jeans! They really fit amazing.

5) I changed my name on Instagram to MrsPost08Blog. I am considering changing my blog name to MrsPost08 Blog. I realized recently that I don't even have my blog name on the top of my blog anymore. I have called it Because Chocolate Can't Get You Pregnant for the longest time. The name change just seems more fitting these days. I am going to be working on updating the look of the blog in the near future. I would love it if you would follow me on Instagram