Friday, May 19, 2017

No More Ba Ba's!

The day has finally come to take away G's bottles. No mommy judging here folks. Yes, I 2.5 year old still had a bottle up until now. He LOVED his bottle. Like he would dance around when I would make them. The boy has been potty trained for awhile, but still had a bottle. He was at the point he could make his own bottle. 

G would have bottles throughout the day, nap time and bedtime. I didn't limit how often or how much he had. He only got almond milk in them. The boy thinks sparkling water is juice, so he didn't get juice in them. Most of the time I would give him one if he asked unless it was right before a meal. He had a bottle day 1 in the hospital. My milk hadn't come in and his sugar was low. I didn't freak out about it. I knew I would nurse and it would all be ok. 

He ended up with jaundice pretty bad. We gave him bottles of pumped milk to make sure he was getting enough milk to get the jaundice to pass. He ended up LOVING bottles and didn't want to nurse. I had to really work with him to get him to nurse. He would SCREAM his head off because he wanted a bottle. Once he was able 6 weeks old it clicked and he nursed until he was 15 months. 

I pumped until he was a year old and gave him bottles. Once he was a year I switched him over to milk. I would nurse him when too until we weaned. The kid has had bottles his entire life. I was the one not wanting to take it away. Art on the other hand was ready to take them away. I told Art we would take it away on a Friday that way if we needed a nap from late night or middle of the night crying we could take one on Saturday and Sunday.

I didn't want to take them away because I have felt this might be my only baby. I wanted him to be a baby as long as possible. This year though he started sleeping in a regular bed, potty trained and will be starting preschool. The time has come that the bottle needs to go. A couple days before we took them away I stopped giving him a bottle during the day. I also would talk to him how his bottles would be going away. Bottles were for babies and he needed to give them away now. 

I knew though the first day was going to be awful! I figured the first day he would cry throughout the day. He ended up falling asleep in the car for his nap. I was able to move him inside and he still napped for awhile. When he woke up from his nap he normally wants a ba ba. I gave him a cup of milk and he happily drank it. Probably only the 2nd time he has drank milk out of a cup. If I gave him a cup in the past with milk he would say no ba ba. He would refuse a cup of milk. 

Now let's get to bedtime. Oh lord! He loves his bottle of milk before bed. We read a couple books, he has his milk and he goes to sleep. We have a good system down. I knew bedtime would be rough. He went ballistic that I tried to give him a cup of milk for bed. He was screaming no babies take ba ba. more ba ba. I showed him how there were no ba bas in bottle drier, dish washer or fridge. It went on for an hour. Finally he crashed. He woke up at 5:30am asking for a ba ba. I told him sorry we don't have any.  I offered him a cup of milk, he drank a little and went back to sleep within 15 minutes. 

He asked for a bottle the next day. I would say sorry no bottles. He usually went to do something else. He had a couple cups of milk. One time he had a major meltdown crying for a ba ba and for tv. Neither of which were an option at the time. Over tired and change is rough on my kid. Nap time went a lot smoother. He took a cup of milk and crashed. A couple days after his bottles were taken away he was really upset. He was crying and VERY dramatic. He told Art all my baba's are all gone. whyyyyyyy whyyyyyyy!!!! He was crying, big tears just so upset as he said whyyyyy whyyyyy. We didn't laugh at the moment, but later we were cracking up after he went to sleep. It was so dramatic and hilarious. 

If I had to do it all over again I would have taken the bottle away when he was a year old. At one I would have just offered a cup. I just was worried he needed the extra calories. He has been such a skinny kid. I also wanted to keep him a baby for awhile too. I don't regret letting him keep his bottle. I just feel it would have been an easier transition at one than at two and a half.

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