Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday Thrive!

Monday Thrive is back this week! I feel in order to have a good week I need a plan to make sure we all thrive! What are you planning to do this week to have a successful week? I plan our meals, activities, outfits, naps and when I can go get a sparkling water from Sonic. 

1) When my brother and I were little we use to love to watch Richard Simmons on tv. I remember 2 things we would beg to stay up late to watch. Around St. Patrick's Day Bonanza would have an episode with leprechauns. It was our favorite episode! The other thing we use to beg to watch is when Richard Simmons was on any late night tv show. We just loved him and would crack up laughing the entire time he was on. It actually wasn't that late where we lived when the shows came on. They usually where on around 9pm. I still look for the Bonanza episode occasionally with the leprechauns. 

I was looking for a new podcast and found Missing Richard Simmons. I decided to listen to it. I had listened to 4 episodes when he had was hospitalized a couple weeks ago. I still have 2 more episodes to go. I lost a little interest since I know he is actually ok. The podcast is really interesting about his life. I plan to finish it in the next week on my walks. 

2) I bought BeautyCounter's eyebrow pencil back in November. I use it every single day. I have barely used even half of the pencil in 5 months. The pencil costs $23. It really is a great deal for a brow pencil that lasts so long. I don't go out now without my eyebrows filled in and without eyeliner. It use to only be eyeliner. I have noticed such a difference in how my make up looks when I fill in my eyebrows. 

3) Art and I have been watching The Glades on Netflix. We have enjoyed watching a couple episodes every night. Well we finished it. It left us all hanging. They cancelled the show too. Ugh! So now we need a new show. Does anyone have a series they love? I am not a fan of zombie or horror type shows. I have wanted to watch Scandal. Any thoughts on the show? 

4) I really have been wanting mac & cheese, which isn't something that is paleo friendly. I really like Daiya products. I use their shredded cheese to make pizza. I use to buy their pizza, but I found a crust recipe I actually like better. Daiya products are my saving grace for the paleo life! I found the Daiya mac & cheese recently at Sprout's. I made it for dinner the other night. G LOVED it! He wouldn't eat anything else. He kept saying more mac & cheese mmmmmm. This really hit the spot! We will for sure be purchasing this for an occasional treat! 
5) I really love the lace cutout dresses. Lace isn't very toddler friendly. I found a Lularoe Julia dress that has a cutout look to it. The best part is I found an excellent deal on it. A rep was going out of business with reduced prices for about $20. It is such a comfortable dress! I will be wearing this a lot over the summer. I wore this when we went out to dinner the other night. 

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