Thursday, May 4, 2017

Natural Deodorant Review!

I have been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually worked! I started using Tom's probably about 1.5-2 years ago. It worked ok during just a normal cool day. It didn't work if I worked out. I wanted to try another brand that had more natural ingredients. I decided next to try DoTerra. It was AWFUL! I tried it for months. I smelled like garbage unless I was just sitting down. I have heard you need to give it time for your body to adjust and detox your arm pits. Well it still didn't help. 

I decided to do a mask under my arms to see if that would help. I did the Aztec Indian Healing Clay for three days. You can find this mask on Amazon or at Sprout's. It was about a $1 cheaper at Sprout's. I bought it there only because I saw it while I was grabbing some groceries. I would put it on and let it dry while I took a bath. I did both arms at once. I started using Schmidt's Deodorant as soon as I did the mask. Can I just say I LOVE this deodorant. It works! I don't smell at all even when I work out. I went for a run and I didn't have any trouble with smelly pits. I bought my deodorant on Amazon, but I have heard Target is now carrying it. I am going to check on local Target to see if they have it. I will just pick it up from there going forward if they have it. 

There are so many natural deodorants out there now. I have read other blog reviews on what worked for people. Schmidt's seemed to work for a lot of people, so I decided to give them a try next. Let me know if you have tried any of these deodorants and if they worked for you. What is your favorite deodorant? 

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Unknown said...

Yes, Doterra is smelly. I gave it to Jake and he uses it. :) Which is great for him. haha. I've been using Tom's and like it. I will have to see about when it gets hotter, if it still works for me. I will have to check out Schmidts!