Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Running through Mud Puddles!

My mom sent G a pair of camo rain boots. He LOVES those things! He likes to wear them with shorts, jeans, no pants and pajamas. They are his favorite shoes he owns. I took him up to a little river in a park near our house. I thought it would be fun to go walk around in the water in our rain boots. I pulled mine out and away we went for some fun. 

He found lots of rocks. 

He had a blast running through this little mud puddle. 

I will admit I even had fun walking through the mud puddle. I LOVE to drive through big puddles of water. When I had a truck I use to go flying through puddles. I was a little worried what if he fell down in the mud puddle? Then I just thought whats the worst thing I strip him down and he rides naked the little drive we have home. Thankfully he didn't fall down. He had so much fun. When we got to the car his boots were full of water, pants were went, but he had a lot of fun. 

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