Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Thrive

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! It has been soooo hot for us. It has been running in the high 80's. Thankfully it has been cooling off at night, so the house cools off too. 

1) I have been going to the thrift store for the past year and a half to buy G jeans. I usually buy him 1-2 pair from Gap. I buy him 5-7 pairs for play at the thrift store. I usually can buy them for about $1.50-$2 a pair. Depending on the brand and condition I will pay up to $4 a pair. 

I have a system I use when I am at the thrift store. I start a pile of his current size, must have an adjustable waist, straight leg and the knees need to look good. If they don't fit those requirements they stay on the rack. Once I have a pile I then go through my pile and pick out the best pairs. I went to the thrift store last weekend and I was able to score 5 pairs for $11. One pair is a 5T, but they were in really great condition for only $2.25. If the jeans get ruined for whatever reason I am not upset because I got a deal on them. 

2) I recently bought a new tumblers. I don't want to use plastic cups anymore, so I bought a stainless steal one on Amazon. It's a Haute 30 oz tumbler in a light pink. Let me just say this thing is AMAZING! I left it in the car twice on days when it was 80 degrees for up to 4 hours. I had ice water in the cup. When I returned to the car there was still ice in the thing! 

I bought these straws to go with my tumbler. I really like them. When I run the dishwasher I just through the straws in. I have enough to rotate. 

The instructions for the tumbler said not to put it in the dishwasher. I have been diligent about hand washing each time. I love this thing! It is worth the money especially for the summer! I took it with me to the zoo last week. It fits in my stroller cup holder. I had nice cold ice water through our entire zoo visit. If you know me then you know I drink A LOT of water. Water is so important for your health! Make sure you are getting your water in each day. 

3) I have talked about BeautyCounter's Mattifying Powder during a previous Monday Thrive. I have to say again how much I just love it. This past weekend like I said it was really hot. One morning I didn't put any powder on after I did my make up. Usually I put on my concealer, then put on some powder. Once I have completed all my eye make up right before my mascara I also put on the powder. I have noticed it helps my mascara stay in place better all day. Well I noticed a HUGE difference by not using it at all one day. Possibly from the heat too but I looked like a raccoon half way through the day. I don't have a problem with my eye make up coming off if I use the powder. 

4) Can we talk about toddlers and straws? Why do they need to bite the ends of them? This cup was like 5 minutes old and already the straw was destroyed. A week later this same straw is bitten up half way down. I had to buy more sippy cups since we stopped using bottles. It has been 3 weeks since we took his bottles away. He doesn't ask for them anymore. Once in awhile he will mention them. If he wants milk he is happy to have it in a cup. 

5) I took Bart to work almost every day for 7 years. I usually had a good store about the riders at least once a week. You do become immune to the insanity going on around you. I learned very early on to put headphones on or I would end up being highly annoyed every day on my commute. I don't have patience for nonsense in the mornings and some of these folks - holy cow!  Well last week I took G to San Francisco. On the way home we were at one of the stations. I looked to see some person sleeping on a bench, but they had so kindly taken their shoes. It cracked me up! They weren't on their couch. People walk all over those benches, so they could have kept their shoes on. 

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