Thursday, February 23, 2012

bart Happening - Week 5

I don't have any Bart pictures this week. Hopefully I will have a new phone soon. My blackberry makes a LOUD clicking sound when I take a picture. It can be hard to take a picture if there isn't a lot of noise.

There is NEVER a lack of craziness that is going on around Bart. I have started to pay attention again, so I can blog about it.

Last week there was an older black man with a big bag of stuff sitting beside him in a wheel chair. There was a Bart EMT guy standing next to him. I think the guy was homeless. He kept asking the EMT if he was a cop and was searching for the guys gun. The EMT was trying to figure out what was wrong with the guy. The homeless guy said he had broken his neck on Feb 11 and it was Valentines Day. He kept telling the EMT guy to look at the back of his neck to see where it was broke.

While all this was going on there was a confusion with the line I was in. An older woman came up to see if a younger guy was in line. She was wondering if the line was snaking around a different way than normal. The younger guy went OFF on her that he was in line and it didn't matter where he was standing.  Why weren't these people feeling the love? Crankiness!

I like to sit in the last row of the train. In the morning I always get a seat. One morning a woman came onto the train. Normally people will stand beside you once all the seats are full. This woman stood beside me, but facing me. She was staring at me the entire time. It was soooo awkward. Luckily she wasn't on the train very long. I wanted to smack her and teach her about personal space. Instead I just ignored her.