Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Cousin Amy

A couple people have asked me about last weeks Wordless Wednesday post. I thought the pictures deserved an explanation.  If you didn't see the original post click HERE for all the pictures.

My cousin Amy is a wild adventurous one that always has great ideas to do things. One of her great ideas on NYE was to stack 2 bar stools on top of each other to climb up the Christmas tree. Her brother Justin was sitting near her unfazed by her insanity.  The rest of us were telling her to get down and she was going to fall.  I told her she was going to fall & break her neck.

Poor Gina (her sister) wasn't looking as she staked Gina's bar stools to get to the top of the Christmas tree.  Then my aunt got nervous and decided to go hold the bar stools. This did NOT make Amy happy. She told her to get away and that she was ruining her pictures!

When Amy was about 3 or 4 she climb up on the kitchen counter. She fell off of it and bit her tongue. It wasn't just a little bite. She bit completely through the middle of her tongue. It healed but she still has a scare in the middle of her tongue.

Amy had a little white dog Skippy when she was younger that she use to dye different colors according to the holiday. One time poor Skippy was the color of the rainbow. She would cut it's hair funky ways and dye certain parts of its body with kool-aid.

Amy and I are just a few months apart. We grew up together. I was the one to usually keep us out of trouble and she would convince me to get into trouble. lol I wish we lived closer because we have so much fun together. Always laughing! Today is her 31st birthday.

Happy Birthday cousin!!!!


Kendra said...

Hilarious! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Amy!!!