Thursday, February 16, 2012

God Gave Me You!

When I started dating I always looked for someone who would one day be a great husband. If they weren't a good boyfriend there was no way he would be a good husband. When I started dating Art I felt I hit the jackpot.

I wanted a husband through the ups & downs, the good & the bad, the pretty & the ugly. I wanted a mate where we both needed each other because life was so much better with them in your life. I was lucky to find the right man for me!

I found a man who is a rock during difficult times. We have been through a lot during our journey to start a family. He has been there beside me each step of the way. Through every doctor appointment, hundreds of tests, positive pregnancy tests, and miscarriages.

My husband is most importantly my rock. He stands by my side, leads our family, loves me unconditionally, and my best friend. He is the one I run to first with news, talks me off a ledge, let's me cry on his shoulder, laughs with me, and tries to be the voice of reasons.

As his wife I still feel I hit the jackpots of husbands. God gave me just the man I needed!

Six years ago today I met Art for the first time. It was a Thursday night when we met for dinner. We talked on the phone while I drove there. When I arrive I got out of the car, gave him a hug and I felt I was seeing an old friend. I don't ever remember feeling awkward or scared. I can't believe where a dinner six years ago has led us down an amazing journey.


Maria said...

;-) happy 6 ! Felt that way with mine too ! It just fit ! I knew I would marry him from the start ! 10 years later ! I would say yes again ! :-) better with him than without him deffinitly ! :-)

Crazy Town ND said...

Art is a super good fit for our crazy family!! He is such a good son-in-law!! Mom