Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey I know that place!

Last week Thursday I decided to go on my daily walk to a different area of SF. Normally I walk to AT&T Park. I walk this every day. I know how fast it will take me hitting all red lights or all green lights. I decided recently I needed to see some different scenery.  On Thursday I walked toward the Ferry Building and down a pier.

Fast forward to this past Sunday when I was watching some old episodes of the Bachelor. I can only handle so much of this show because these catty girls usually make me crazy! I do like all the publicity San Francisco and different areas of CA are getting. Now I am a little sucked in and I need to see who he picks.

The pier I walked down last Thursday was the same pier the Bachelor filmed his date with one of the girls. I was looking at the tv thinking HEY I know that pier! I know exactly where they had their date!