Friday, February 10, 2012

Bestie, Food Trucks and Sewing...all in one night!

Last Thursday I was able to spend the evening with my bestie Krystal. We had such a fun night. When I arrived she was making a lemon blueberry tart. A-mazing!  Krystal asked if I would rather go out to Kogi's or she would make dinner. That was a very hard decision. I <3 Krystal's cooking and I <3 Kogi's. I asked her what would be easiest for her and did she feel like going out? We agreed to to find Kogi's. Kogi's is one of my FAVORITE food trucks ever! I haven't been able to find a truck that even compares to them in Nor Cal.

Krystal and I at Kogi's waiting for our delish food!

I got the Pacman Quesadilla. DELISH! It had every type of meat with super spicy sauce over the top.

After dinner we headed back to Krystal's. She needed help with making a pillow case for her extremely large pillow. I think it is a called a snoogle or something like that. She had bought fleece material and cut most of the pillow case out. I helped her finish cutting it out, showed her how to thread her machine and then I got to work sewing away. The pillow case turned out super cute! I love the fun fabric Krystal picked out!

Getting to see my friends in So Cal is a great perk of traveling for work.


Lil' Woman said...

That quesadilla looks like it is a Mardi Gras quesadilla with the purple, yellow and green :)

Krystal Regueiro said...

Ahhhh, I love my bestie. We always have the best of times. If we lived closer, we'd be in cooking and making trouble all the time!!! hehehe ;-)

graciepie said...

I am so confused by that quesadilla.... and that pillow! lol. I wish I could join you two on your food extravaganzas!