Sunday, February 5, 2012


Over the past couple weeks I have been thinking how fulfilled my life feels. I don't ever remember feeling this happy & content about life for more than a couple hours or a day.

I feel my attitude has changed after the last miscarriage. I felt after my ER visit it shook something in my core. I realized afterward how much worse things could have been. I felt more scared 2-3 days after everything happened then when it was going on.

I always try to remain positive to others, but a lot of times I dwell on the negative things inside. What is the point of doing that? When I think of people that upset me I'm going to pray for them & stop being upset. It is giving me a stomach ache worrying, stressing or dwelling on situations I can't change. Me being upset isn't going to fix things. God is the only one to fix things.

I told a friend the other day my heart just feels full. Full of happiness/contentment. I think a lot of it was changing how I look at things. The past 6 months have been full of heartbreaks and struggles at home and at work.

I don't talk about work very often on my blog. Work has been full of daily challenges! I'm thankful for a great boss who has helped me through it. I'm probably not ever going to find a place to work without issues, so I'm going to buckle in for the bumpy ride. I'm not saying I won't change jobs in the future. I just am not jumping ship right now.

Another thing that has helped is going to church. We've been visiting churches recently and I feel we found a great place. It just feels like home.

I don't have everything in life I want right now, but I'm going to be happy with the greats things I do have!


Lil' Woman said...

Such a great attitude to have!!

Krystal Regueiro said...

You are amazing, and I love you for that!! You are reaching your goals and dreams and everything is starting to fall into place for you. XXOO

Kendra said...

That's a wonderful feeling! I'm happy for you :)