Friday, February 3, 2012


I have done some shopping over the past couple weeks. I have been trying to buy some items that I can wear now and in the spring/summer. Here are the bargains I found over the past 2 weeks.

I told my mom when I wore this blouse it reminded me of my Grandma Z. She would LOVE this blouse with the bow.  It was super comfy and cute with black pants. My friend Kendra bought this blouse and 2hen I saw it I HAD to have it. Kendra bought some cute things at Kmart, so I decided to go check them out. This blouse was $7.99.

Black dress - I bought this for $9.99. BARGAIN! It is super comfy!

Old Navy 
I bought this shirt for $8.99

Best bargain of my shopping was this dress for $3.50

I wore the ruffly cream top with my green pleated skirt and a black cardigan.


I have been wanting to add some color to my wardrobe, so why not with a pair of hot pink pants. I was soooo excited to find these. This was my largest priced item over the past couple weeks. I didn't think I could find them cheaper. $24.99
Now I saved my last 2 favorite items to last. I bought the black blazer at Kmart and the lace skirt at Sears Outlet.  I was sooooo excited to find both of these pieces. I have really wanted both items. Last weekend I had actually picked up the material to make a lace skirt. I had just pinned one on Pinterest with instructions on how to make one. I put all the fabric back because I just didn't want to tackle the project right now. 

Art and I went to Sears Outlet to buy him a couple dress shirts. I walked through the skirt section and imagine my surprise when I saw a black lace skirt. It wasn't in the right size, so I searched the rack. Wa-La there was one in my size for only $6.00. I wanted to just SCREAM I was soooo excited! 

During my shopping trip at Kmart I found a bunch of black jackets on clearance for $12.49. I looked through the hangers and none of them had my size. I then went through each one and looked at each tag. there was one in my size with the wrong sized hanger. Eeeekkk!!!! I wore the black jacket with my red skirt from my Tuesday post.

I love shopping clearance and at the outlets, which is wear I found all these items.


Lil' Woman said...

I love that first Old Navy top, super cute!!

Krystal Regueiro said...

I love all your fab inexpensive fashion finds! You'll need to link up another post with you in these clothes!!

Maria said...

Love them !!! keep it up ! I am not buying any.more clothes till I go on my cruise in April ! maybe I will have lost some more ! so it is fun to shop through you ! :-)