Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Demolition of our Back Yard

One of our plans since we bought our house was to rip out the back patio/deck.  The wood was already rotting and starting to fall apart.  Art fixed portions of the deck to make it last for a year.  What a job this has turned out to be!  I am always very thankful every time my FIL volunteers to come over and help us. 

We had to rip out all the deck, pull out concrete pillars, moved tons of dirt and chop roots. We worked hard and fast for 4+ hours.  We were able to accomplish the majority of the demolition; however, there is tons left to do.  I used a jack hammer for the first time.  I also used a saw to cut a root in the ground.  The saw vibrated so hard I thought my head was going to shake off. lol

Here is some of what we did last weekend.  

 The portion of the deck that was cut out we did on Friday.

 Break time!!!
Jack hammer time! 

 I asked to use to the jack hammer and away I went. 

 Lots of rotten wood! YUCK!
 Pa leveling out the ground.   I told him he looked like he had walked out of Oakland with that bandanna on his head.  He told me he was going to put a feather in it next.
 Here is some of the wood we pulled off the deck.  This is the pile I made.  I was the one who hauled all the wood from where the men pulled it off to this pile.

 Pa breaking up another concrete pillar.
 See these UGLY pillars! We had to dig them out, roll them to an area to break them apart with the jack hammer.