Thursday, June 23, 2011

Korean BBQ

While I was in LA one of my employees & husband took me to Korean BBQ.  Do you see a theme here where there is lots of food during my LA trips.  Korean BBQ is A-MAZING!!!!  I tried some different foods for the first time. Some items I never thought I would eat.....I will go into that a little further down.

I dip some meat in very spicy sauce and went to put it in my mouth....employee husband says STOP!!!!  He scared me I thought I was using some raw food or something. He said that is super hot you might not like that.  I told him I really like spicy food.  Employee tells him this white girl knows how to eat & likes super spicy foods.  I just cracked up laughing.  It is true I do love super spicy food.

 Above: All the meat we grilled in front of us.
 Meat on the grill & all the other little you eat with the meat.

Above: calf intestines - yes, I tried these.  I couldn't think about it while I put it in my mouth.  I must say they were really good dipped in salt.
Above: grilled squid - super delish!!!!