Sunday, June 12, 2011


I spent a week in LA for work and then I stayed for the weekend.  Friday night Krystal, Eric and I headed out to Venice for a food truck extravaganza!  There were food trucks for as far as you could see.  Some of the trucks had lines super long and others had no line. The long lines were the ones you knew you needed to try! 

Kogi's was our first stop.  Kogi's has the most amazing Korean BBQ!  I had the pork sliders and we shared a Blackjack Quesadilla.

While we were waiting in line we kept seeing people with these spiral potatoes on a stick.  They looked super fun and we wanted to try them. Krystal & I shared a truffel oil potato.  It was good...but just a spiral french fry.

I can't wait for my next trip to LA and to try out more food trucks.  I love Kogi's so much that I only want to eat more of their yummy goodness!

 The lines behind us for the ice cream truck. It was freezing out, but everyone wanted ice cream sandwiches.
 Below are some more food trucks.   



Lil' Woman said...

That tornado potato is craziness!!! :)

Crazy Town ND said...

I love these...yes I need one for our area!!! You look skinnier!!! MOM