Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flower Arrangement

I wanted a summer flower arrangement for my dining room table. I really wanted hydrangeas, but they were $8 to $12 bucks a flower at Michael's.  I really didn't want to wait in line 3 times to buy 1 flower at a time & use a 40% coupon.  Michael's had their summer flowers 40% off.  I found 3 bunches for less than $10 bucks.  

I cut each stem off the bunch of flowers with a wire cutter and then took off the fake leaves. I honestly do not like fake flowers, but these cost less than buying real flowers each week.  I then put all the green flowers in the mini milk can.  I only put 4 pink gerber daisy's to help fill in empty space.

I need to refinish our dining room table.....I want to paint it white. Debating if I should redo it or buy a new one. I have had it for a year and I am still debating.


Lil' Woman said...

Very it! :)

lacey said...

Really not real flowers??? Mom LOL!!!