Monday, June 13, 2011

Menu Monday

I have been traveling and working tons of hours lately.  I have done minimal cooking in the past couple weeks.  I am looking forward to doing some cooking this week. 

1. Chicken & Waffles - I am going to cheat & bake some chicken I bought at the store. BUT I am going to make homemade waffles. I am going to use Paula Deen's waffle recipe.  Hopefully it is delish!

2. Red Snapper Fish & veggies - Art bought some red snapper over the weekend. 

3. Chicken Parmesan Crescents - I found the recipe on Plain Chicken blog.

4. Beef Fajitas - all organic veggies from our food box

5. Chicken, pineapple & steam rice - I LOVE grilling chicken & pineapple on the grill.  The combination of the 2 together is just so delish!  I haven't made this in a couple years.  It is super easy, but super tasty!

What is on your menu for this week?


Cara @ The Boys Made Me Do It said...

I keep meaning to make the chicken parm crescents and something always happens to where the schedule goes crazy.. maybe this week!

Angie said...

I emailed you a recipe!

Aunt Angie

Crazy Town ND said...

Creamed Knoepfla Tuesday Supper.
Taco Salad Lunch and Meatballs and Corn Salad supper-Wed.
Yummy! Mom

WARRIOR8708 said...

She lied we did not have waffels we had chicken and Rice

Becky said...

Mr. Warrior I didn't lie...the list is items we are going to eat during the week...not by day!