Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Favorite Burgers!

Friday evening I discovered a Five Guys Burgers was open near us.  I have seen people post on Facebook all the time about Five Guys & have been wanting to try them.  Unfortunately I discovered Five Guys at 8:30pm and wasn't hungry.  I told Art that we had to try them this past weekend.  I then started putting a list together in my mind of the best burger places.  Here is what I have come up with so far.  

1. Bob's Burgers - Bob's is by far the BEST place to get a cheeseburger!  I haven't found a place that even compares. They have locations in Fremont & Pleasanton, CA.  If you are ever near one you have to try them out!!!!

2. Barry's Burgers - Barry's Burgers is my dad homemade burgers.  My dad found some recipes for different type of burgers in a magazine & started making them for me & my friends.  He wouldn't let us see what the recipes were or what he put in them.  Everything had to be a secret.  Blue cheese burger and mushroom & onion burger were my favorites & the only ones I remember. One of my friends kept telling him he needed to open a Barry's Burgers.  He never did, but dad makes some GREAT burgers! 

3. In N Out - In N Out burgers are DELISH!!!! They also have a hidden menu and I love their neapolitan shakes!  These burgers are the best when they are super hot and animal style!  I am NOT a fan of In N Out fries.  I think the fries taste like dirt!  Every time my family comes to town their trip isn't complete without a stop to In N Out!

4. Nations - Nations burgers are yummy & close to In N Out.  People who looooove Nations wouldn't agree the burgers are similar.  Nations also serves pie!

5. Five Guys - I liked Five Guys menu because they offer lots of additional items to add on to your burger.  The patties were thick, well done, but still juicy.  They have the BEST fries!

What is your favorite burger joint?


Ashley said...

I LOVE In-N-Out -- I haven't had that since 1998!!! =( boo living on the opposite coast haha
I crave Five Guys often haha =) it is so yummy!

Cara @ The Boys Made Me Do It said...

We are 5 guys fans too! Had them yesterday for lunch in fact! I used to really like Red Robin BUT we found a local place called Mojo's that is our favorite!

Kim Fischer said...

I guess I have to say I love Barry's burgers...LOL...but truly I crave In and Out burgers that I can only have when coming to CA!!! Nothing compares to In and Out!!!