Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Monday

What is on your menu for this week???  I usually do a lot of my cooking on Sunday for the entire week.  When we come home during the week we just have to warm up the food that is prepared.  This helps us not stop & pick up food on the way.  Also helps us to heat a lot healthier and save lots of money.  I usually make 4-5 items and then decide each night what we are going to have from the stash.

Cheesy Chili Has Brown

Talipia & Swish Chard

Shrimp & Veggie Curry

Pork chops & red potatoes

Carnitas Tacos & refried beans

I made the refried beans a couple weeks ago & froze them.  It's so easy to make your own refried beans.  I usually cook an entire pound of beans, mash them up with my kitchen aid and put them in freezer bags.  Art makes fun of me for using my kitchen aid, but it works soooo good.

Curry is one of the easier & yummiest meals.  Pick which items you want I usually throw in whatever veggies I have with chicken, but this week I decided to try something different & use shrimp.  I think it's a low cost meal too.  A can of coconut milk is usually a $1 or less, curry powder is a couple bucks for a whole container, chicken broth, veggies and either meat or beans. 

We also did very little grocery shopping this week.  I decided it was time to use everything we had in the freezer & cupboard before we do more grocery shopping.  I throw too much away because it goes bad.  No more wasting food!