Monday, March 14, 2011

Picture Time!

I asked Art if he could come take a couple pictures of me.  I need to update a picture of myself for the blog & other places. Here is what happens when I hand the camera over to my husband.

Instructions: Dear can you take a picture from here on up.  See my hands below indicating where he needs to take the picture from?
Instructions:  Can you zoom the camera in a little?
Here are the results when he zooms the camera you have any questions that I have hazel eyes?  Or that I need to pluck my eyebrows tonight? 
Then he starts giving me awful lines to say to the camera.
I finally take the camera back & I end up taking my own self portraits. I think they turned out pretty good!


Elizabeth Layson said...

Haha that is funny. :) Men.... :) But the self-pix are beautiful. :)

Lil' Woman said...

Beautiful pics, even the outtake ones!